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Brilliant ruby diamond ring

Curative : ruby is one of the best known and most commonly used stones. For example, affects the heart and its diseases, and blood, in the case of anemia . It helps against allergies , protects against premature aging. New energy to compensates the vision weaknesses, but prevents them look also works against bacterial fertősek , stimulates cell formation , helps with diarrhea, enteritis , strengthens the reproductive system and the immune system, increasing the driving force to relieve the anger , helps extrasensory perceptions may result in the ability of telepathy . It regulates blood pressure, help with cough and helps the white blood cell production , is good for bronchitis , reduce cholesterol , is good for all kinds of infections . Assisted by the action of the root chakra on the erotic , is good for the acute and the chronic fatigue, guards against faulty giving birth , strengthens the cervix , help with unilateral paralysis , strengthens the heart and the cerebral cortex . Effective against mental illness and polio , is good for colic , concentrating the force , enhance the performance. Good against melancholy, against sickness , boost self-confidence , harmonize raises mood , stimulates metabolism, helps with addictions.

Brilliant ruby diamond ring I
1 400 000 Ft
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Brilliant ruby diamond ring II.
1 500 000 Ft
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Brilliant ruby diamond ring
1 200 000 Ft
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Ruby stone ring
300 000 Ft
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