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Eva Csurgai artist CV "I was born in 1968 in Székesfehérvár. Graduated in 1986, Attila József High School, since 1988, I live and work in Budapest. George academic painter Korg price. 1992-93 to Pannonia Cartoon Studio worked as a draftsman phase, and then graduated from the Turkish Paul Street School of Fine Arts in 1996. Rajztanáraim Göbölyös Gyula Robert Sarkozi and teachers were masters of applied graphics majors. The painting two years ago, the 10-year deal actively with the graphics Manzarek and nan-Art Circle Visual artist Andrew Szunyoghy Mednyánszky Gabor Nagy Munkácsy Prize laureate and artists management. In painting, the hyper-realism, naturalism and romanticism are interested first and foremost. On aesthetics and harmony in the world I want my pictures to demonstrate. I am a member of the Kogart album and a supporting member of the New Society of Artists Pest well. Last year I played in two group exhibitions in working with me to New Pest Gallery. Two separate exhibitions were Lilaköd Literary Cafe and Cultural Center Karinthy. I tried to paint my pictures over to Tsaki viewing experience for the viewer. I prepare my paintings mainly oil technique, or graphite and pastel drawings. My favorite subjects: still lifes, portraits. "Eve Csurgai

Still Life 2013
36 000 Ft
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Demone (Csurgai Éva )
60 000 Ft
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Gaugain God day copy
51 000 Ft
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Female Nude 2013
45 000 Ft
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Picasso (Csurgai Éva )
18 000 Ft
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Spanish girl with guitar
33 000 Ft
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Landscape of lake Foth
24 000 Ft
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