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World-renowned Kalocsa cloth can use for decorating your clothes ?


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Kalocsa color riselt

Kalocsa color riselt
  • Kalocsa color riselt
  • Kalocsa color riselt
1 600 Ft
size: 15 cm
The site is visible and available for purchase on my hand embroidery of Kalocsa (Rich Elin) Special products, unique pieces in the seventies and eighties
Years go unused linen.
"The initial announcement made ​​on the basis of Kalocsa folk embroidery features intact is that drawing (woman writer) and colors (her sewing) in the same way twice
not occur. There is a famous writer (sewing), who like her. the same way twice in a small cloth v writing. Sew up.
Quote.: Charlotte Carpenter Pécsiné Kalocsa Folk Art (1970) book.
I wish you a very pleasant visit and purchase.
This product (Kalocsa color riselt 15 cm) 45 pcs you can choose from, as long as stocks last.
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