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World-renowned Kalocsa cloth can use for decorating your clothes ?


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Company name / Name: Mikuska Művészeti Galéria Kft
Address: Zugló, Budapest, 1145, Hungary
Phone number: +36-30-523-4343
Email address: klari.mikuska [at]
Shop name: Mikuska Art Gallery
Tax number: 23140499-2-42
Company registration number: 01-09-954862
Company court: Fővárosi Bíróság mint Cégbíróságnál
Contact person name: Mikuska Zoltánné
Contact person´s phone number: +30 523-4343
Contact person´s e-mail address: klari.mikuska [at]
The minimum order amount is Net 1 000 Ft!

Shipping methods
» personal collection
Necessary time and space arrangement.
Telephone Number (06-30-523-4343) ill.-mail (klari.mikuska @
Of course, if you choose to do this, so there is no shipping cost!
A termék vételárát kell kiegyenlíteni....így nincs szállítási költség
» Parcel dispatch
Form of a letter or parcel, mail or deliver you the goods ordered. goods.
Magyar Posta Fee Rules.
A Magyar Posta díjszabályzata szerint.

Payment methods
» Cash on the spot or forward reference
If you would like to gift to send to someone else or just do not want to bother with cash on delivery, you can organize your transfer account. Transfer at the comment box, enter the number of your order. Send the amount to the following account: CIB Bank :10701324-66246464-51100005
» forward reference
The purchase price of the product and the postage amount to send rendezheti.Az forward reference to the following account:.. :10701324-CIB Bank 66246464-51100005
Transfer, enter the order number in the comment section.
Will deliver the ordered goods after receiving the money.
» Cash on delivery

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