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Udvardi Elizabeth miniature graphics

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Udvardi Elizabeth Baja 1929.dec.27.-Keszthely, 2013.febr.4. Kossuth and the Hungarian painter Mihály Munkácsy Prize His works are in many public collections preserved, including the Hungarian National Gallery, the Christian Museum, Esztergom, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the John Damjanics Szolnok Museum, St. Stephen Museum of Székesfehérvár. "Udvardi Elizabeth 1929.dec. Was born on 27 Baja. Hometown Gyula Rudnay learned to paint, and then completed the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, where Bernátu Aurel, Domanovszky Endre, G. Fónyi and Gyula Hincz were the masters. Badacsonytomaj lived since 1958 and his work is in the lake scenery, and the people who live there, narrow country, Badacsony world, the water, the mountains, the view of the lake season of expressive surrealist style paintings of your choice. In addition Magazine in 2000 established his own gallery where works on permanent display shown to the public. "Hungarian News 05/02/2013.